Enforced Splendour —-Year 2018

Negotiating through the cars 
and autorickshaws I am in the 
North Gopuram of Meenakshi temple,
once hailed as Mottai Gopuram
Mottai corresponds to bald.

Passing through the security check,
the archana basket  being inspected 
 I walk to the sanctum.
Tickets are up for darshan
 buying a 100 RS. ticket 

I join a queue, 
the one moves faster
beside me is the longest 
the free darshan,
In the middle,  walk
 the officials, the politicians,

their relations and friends 
unbound  and free, I am 
a few meters away 
The priests occupy the best part 
devotees could see only their backs.

Perceiving Meenakshi’s  profile 
I wait for a thorough darshan 
A  policeman with a lathi 
commands me to move 
amma, get lost, get away,
he shouts.

Exhaustion  throws  me out 
of gear.  Disheartened,  unable 
to experience the grace, I 
 walk through the corridors.
 I am in no mind to enjoy 
the architectural splendour,