She Lives In U.S

A friend of mine 
feels’ she is the Queen 
of a country, which one?
I really do not know,

I assume her to be 
 Queen of England 
where way back
the sun never set.

She is been abroad,
 in the mightiest country,
 which to her  is the U,S 
for forty five years 

While in school she
was no good, blamed 
the teachers for her 

Never could she 
a D from T, will write 
send for sent. 

She could not graduate
as she kept failing in English,
 The college falls in line 
with  the school, Both are bad,

she feels. Her stay abroad
 has not made her wee better
 she speaks her own language
 without verb and noun.

Thinks being in U.S 
is a qualification, she continues 
 talking in bits and pieces, Well,
 that is wisdom, I accept.