The Evil Cast

Mom gets furious 
when she sees the 
six of us sitting 
on the steps.

 She leads to the study. 
The six of us march 
behind, scared 
of her outrage.

Adjusting her spectacles 
she looks at our eyes,
 think why does she get 

She thunders, 
Six together on the steps 
 will invite  evil eyes 
bring unsolicited effect,

From the  kitchen, she 
 picks three red chilly, 
 ten black pepper pods,
salt and a coconut. 

Cook Alagu, makes 
us sit  on the floor.
He goes around us thrice.
Sings aloud a song,

to ward off the  cast 
of the evil eyes. He hurries 
to the main gate without 
looking back,

 breaks the coconut.  Lights 
the camphor throws chilly
and pepper onto the fire.

Did you sense  a pungent 
smell? mom questions Alagu , 
 Yes, I sneezed thrice, amma.