Commodity Watching

I have been watching
 the rise of gold price,
 silver prices as well.

A rise always as seen
 with no dips, keep me 

I have been following 
the markets for long,
 cautious I go about.

Intra day transactions 
make my heart race,
 one minute it is high

 the next second it dips,
eyes glued to the computer
 I buy and sell the whole day.

feverish I turn, decide to 
put trading away for a day,
That be not the case,

 the next day I am into it
 transformed into an addict,
if I miss a day, I pine 

being so tempting and rewarding.
the alibi cut short my socializing,
 robbed me of other interests,

to get away, I went off the grid
 stayed for a while, contemplating
on how to recover.

I came out off it partially,
still do with restricted time 
 and  confined  funds.