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The Woman Power– A Satirical Joke.

The woman Power -great to hear and speak.

The gender divides

a man from a  woman

he is set to be powerful1369019576

invasive and extensive

she is designed to be fragile

internally and externally

a ruggedness is seen in him

as many sport with a moustache

a voice so gruff and  firm

make him a strong personality

lack all these the woman

with a fairness in skin

soft and small in build

speaks low and with charm

turn her into a weak being in all.

Born as a girl in the Indian families

controlled by the male throughout

initially the father with authority

along with the brothers in force

she crosses her childhood

and girlhood in fear almost

eyes flutter and her heart trembles

if she sees a stranger in front

learns with a diligence

as her brothers flaunt and spoil

achieves a lot academically

excels in extracurricular as well

yet lives in the shadow

where the patriarchal element dominates.

Out of her  college she enters life different

seeks a job in all earnest

the family is otherwise busy

hunts for a prospective alliance

soon they check the most competitive

rush her to the wedlock

before she could breathe independently

another tie up  being for the whole life

comes into existence  quite easily

she succumbs to the new ways

in the milieu loses herself  all too quick.

The wedding and after is another milestone

she has to bear the yoke  nonchalantly

with patience utmost  and  endurance  exact

her head has to nod up and down

no matter what be the circumstance

as the right to  left move is forbidden

lives she like a rock hit by many a tide

rash and harsh most times

pleasant and slow on occasions

her hair grows grey as  the years advance

looks she different with a spectacle

that dances on the tip of her nose

her memory goes down the lane

as she wraps the saree around her shoulders.

The  woman you see now is emancipated or strong

empowered or employed   as could be

this be her version all too much the same

might be with a slight variation

be she a working woman or a household dame

being one of a little care to the apparent appearance

the one with   a job has to dress up well

drape a starched saree around and clothes ironed

while her counterpart one who stays at home

pays less attention in her dress

wears anything that comes to her hand

matching or matchless never her concern

she ties her air into a tiny knot

tucks her saree a little up

not to disturb her in the activities

moves about with a mindless   stroll

her look out primarily being her children

and to an extent her husband

who incidentally wields a power

with an air of supremacy  in square

know not from where it comes.

The case being so even in the latest days

how could a female expect an equality

how could she override the male

be her father, brother, husband

could be her son also in the future

who emerges from her  and rises above her

the qualification being a man all the more

nothing other than

could out beat her

could ride past her even in a close shave

intelligence, tact  and skill, virtuosity

never could she be outsmarted

but unfortunately, she  is bent

and compelled to bite the dust.

“I’m blogging for the India Today Woman Summit 2015 #WomenPower activity at BlogAdda.”

By meenas17

A lover of classical Carnatic music.
An avid reader, passionate writer, into stocks and investments for livelihood

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