The Wheel Of Fortune

The wheel of fortune
stays not in one place
turns as often as it can
brings a downturn unexpectedly
strikes an upswing unknowingly.
The wheel rotates on its own
waits for none in its course
the rich turn poor
the order reverses
it being governed by infinity
wheels towards eternity.

Worked on the poem The Wheel Of Fortune.

The original,

The wheel of fortune

turns with a will

the one up for a time

comes down for sometimes

change no one wishes

it happens whatever matters

round and round the wheel rotates

spins and revolves

leaving no time or any space

fortunate turns unfortunate

the rich become poor

a circulation compulsory

being   one of infinity.

Like to know from the readers which one is good ?

Please, let me know as I am preparing the manuscript.




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