The Cat and The Mouse

The game, cat and the mouse,
played by school kids,
over and over again
was my favourite one.

I played the mouse
my friend the cat
I was no match for her
yet, I entered the fray.

She chased me
unassailable I was
I ran in circles
dodged her in every way.

Soon,I lost my spirit
was about to surrender
alas! she fell down
while she tread
over a stone.

I was declared winner
the strongest lost
to the weakest
unheard of

A reference subtle
could be drawn
the strength does not count
the propitious time favours.


Compare with the original

The cat and the mouse game

I played with my friends

on the sprawling grounds of our school

unusually  strikes me fast.

Once I played the mouse

and a strong girl the cat

over and over I went  in circles

between the rows, beneath the chain

she came charging behind.

I lost my spirit, slowed down

knew that would be the end

oh! no, she hit on a stone

and broke her leg.

I came out free.

A game of energy and will

shows your strength and skill

over and above lies one more

being one of  luck all so vital

determines the victory and defeat.


Please let me know which one reads better?

I need a reply from my loving readers.


5 thoughts on “The Cat and The Mouse

      1. I will be posting the original and the edited versions in my blog. Kindly go through them. Tell me which one reads the best and give suggestions to improve if required. Thanks. Meena

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