The Unfaithful Lover

Grief-stricken she is,
her man has turned unfaithful
his eyes rested on her wealth
when denied he turned different.

She was liberal initially
met all his demands
being an embodiment of virtues
loved him the most.


He manipulated and schemed
threw an air of care and sincerity
it was a deceit
she found it very late.

She tightened the strings
he deserted her
she envisaged the turn
remained stoic and insulated.

The bash had an effect
mentally she was strong
her body let her down
she succumbed to an illness.

This is an improved version of the original.

A lot more could be said

silenced by the consequences

she goes away from the limelight

for reasons best known to her

a saddened heart be all for a cause.


Tossed and torn by love

she lost her grace, on the whole

her charm has waned

she looks a grief struck and bitten

by the destiny’s cruel hands.


The love she bore for a man

was well accepted in the beginning

later it turned into a faithless one

his eyes all set on her money

which stood beyond billions.


She gave him liberally at first

censored as she smelt of an unfaithfulness

which provoked him to the most

unkind he turned at once

sadistic and selfish all in one.


She cut her ties with him

could be the physical one

done so easily and smoothly

while her agony tormented her for long

being one of the mind and heart.

Read both the versions. I need your suggestions . I want to know which is better Your opinion is essential.



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