Man’s Own Folly.

An excess be it rain or shine

could be a bane  or a boon

could not be averted  at any cost

it is nature’s way of dealing

a shortfall or an abundance

could spell a  doom to mankind

all the more they could be prevented

a storage of surplus water  in lakes and ponds

as well in dams and reservoirs be the usual terms

while the lakes and ponds are no where Sathyabama-univ-161115-01to be found

with universities and apartments growing over there

the flow of water enters the town and floods the roads

finds its way into the buildings and houses

carrying with it the dirt, rubbish, snakes and wasp

people raise a hue and a cry  and bemoan

being their own folly as could be seen

yet they do not turn for the good  in attempts

go about  on their own accord after the havoc

memory being short and strange as all.





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