Think Positive

Think positive as much as you could

certain times an illness is all for good

could extend a rest to the body and mind think-positive_z

the relaxation would have been pushed to the hind

involvement with work and duties would have restricted

while this could be an opportunity to be rested

illness, of courses is a cause of worry and discomfort

the positive side being the enforced rest  not in comfort

similar strains could be found in other activities as such

the failures  in examination dampens the spirit  much

take it this way if you want to overcome all with the tide

failure is the stepping stone for success be your stride

a hard effort would prove to be of great boon

could be said of  in the face of a harsh tycoon

suffering could be there in severe forms

yet it would reopen more avenues to correct the deformities

well, that  be the way one has to go about in life

illness, failures and disasters cross you in the strife

never slacken at these phases  with a discouragement

there are other ways to cope up with arrangements.




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