Pillayar Nonbu

Thread inserted in  a powdered rice  ball

specially prepared for the festival

could sound a peculiar call

celebrated by a community not trivial

remarkable for their philanthropy .


The avaram flower  yellow  and bright

the paddy stalk green and white

along with mango leaves  in a fasten tight

altogether  to an  one foot stick  straight

placed on either side of  the God Pillayar.



The cereals   ellu, kambu   in quantity small

puffed rice ,paddy  and aval in similar measure

the kolam  sketched on the floor  and on the wall

punctuated with the community’s  distinct  flavour

karuppatti paniyaram, velllai paniyaram  in call

adorn with the coconut, betel leaves and betel nuts.


The prayer being all set with not a fanfare

the head of the family lights up the threaded rice ball

dipped in ghee to the blowing of conch with great care

the members take it  with a joyous  call

the ritual being an honour of God Pillayar.


it  is a beautiful  celebration  with   faith intense

the togetherness eventfully depicted

being celebrated on the day of concurrence

of sashti and satyam as indicated

known as “Pillayar Nonbu”.pillayar nonbu.jpg









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