Dolly —She Was Called.

“Dolly” was how she was called

being chubby, fair and tall

while she was in her  kindergarten.


The nuns used to carry her

toss her and pamper her

whenever they caught sight of her.


She was a doll not dumb

very active though plump

the cynosure of all eyes.


She went to the elementary

where again she was primary

now a little slim than before.


Off she reached the middle

her quality did not dwindle

became slim and slender.


Got she into the High School

became the  leader  but remained cool

stylish and elegant she looked.


Into the portals of the university dolly.jpg

she was a student of great diversity

an orator, a rank holder and a gold medalist.


The dolly is a granny  now

remains  straight but has turned slow

age has withered her to an extent

yet she charms all with her presence.







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