The temple bells  echo
People queue in a line 
carrying  basket of flowers ,
diligently picked, the  fresh coconut head 
protrudes with a  curiosity,  the ripe bananas 
glimmer yellow displaying a pride, 
areca nuts folded in green betel leaves 
 pattiyal  as known, claiming the  essential, status  
complete the archana set.

Moving inch by inch the devotees 
 pass through the security check,
Beep, beep goes the alarm, the guard 
examines each  by emptying the basket 
on an untidy side table. Being offerings to God 
meddling is prohibited cause the purity 
will be lost.

Hema and many like her walk through  silent 
controlling the emotions with  pain,  Shiva
 will get offended , she cries. The Officers 
remain stone like irreverent to her  pleas
Question her ” Who is Shiva?”.