Every Year — A Cyclone

The days go by, 
rains brought by cyclones 
result in inundation.

Towns float
trees fall disrupting 
electricity and traffic.

People living in low areas 
are evacuated hoarded  
in make shift shelters,

Boats ply up and down
rescuing those stuck up,
 the administration works

day and night, volunteers 
do yeoman service, it
 happens every year,

 emanates a big hue
  a cry, huge fuss 
follows ,governance pays.

for its negligence,
allowing skyscrapers on 
lakes and ponds,

 making the water clog, 
 drains overflow, 
causing a disaster,

those in the helm, ministers,
officials, mayors, come 
with assistance braving downpour

all for votes, a manipulation 
to win another election
and fill their coffers.