Did I Do Anything Wrong?

Commercial transactions 
in the office. I view the traffic  
from home a few meters away.

Disallowed to enter the premises
 I manage to enter once in a way.
 MR, Luff, the plantation agent,

is busy drawing out the schedules,
I watch him  through the glassed 

A white  rod like one between his lips
exhibits a red cinder at the butt 
white fumes come as he puffs.

the fumes travel in waves, 
 Amused I  run  back home,
spread  white talcum powder, 

on a thick paper, roll it tight 
relax in a sofa on the aisle,
put my legs over the other

as MR Luff,  place the roll 
 between my lips. puff hard

 pushing the powder 
“success”, I shout  as the white fumes 
emanate. dad stops by,

pulls  the roll, throws it in the bin,
Warns  me not to do this again,
 Why? What did I do? I sob.