Ananda Tandavam

Thith tha   pronounces the nattuvanar ( dance master)
 in comes Shiva .
Thith thai enters Umayal the chitrakoodam  ( concert hall)
 The master continues with the jathis (steps)
 Shiva and Umayal alternating in the course,
 dancing all the way.

Shiva races, Umayal follows, 
The male fascinates, the lady entices.
A challenge thrown, a  fiery competition..
 The Devas watch with eyes wide open.
The asuras ( the bad ones) fear Shiva’s dancing 

Heaven rocks as the momentum picks up.
 A tremor is felt, The dancer and danseuse 
vie, throw intrinsic formats at each other 
perform with  exactness.

Earth  unable to bear the pressure seems to collapse.,
 trees uproot, rivers flood, oceans overwhelm 
 mountains stumble. The divine couple 
 continue with passion, dancing in style.

Thith thalangu thaka thom  cries  the Nattuvanar.
 Shiva raises his leg above the head.
 Umayal being a female pauses.
Shiva takes her in his arms.