The Family

Shiva and Umayal relax under a mango tree.
 onlooking  their two sons  Ganesa and Muruga.
quarrelling and rolling in the sand,

Umayal bids them near. Ganedsa jumps 
on to her lap, while Muruga plays with her long hair 
from behind giggling,

“I have got a golden mango”  a precious one.
” I will gift it to the one  who wins the race”. 
a challenge we mortals could never dream off.

 Muruga , the little one, ambitious shrewd, alert,
ascends on his peacock and sets off, to  go around 
the world as pronounced by his mother,

The obese Ganesa thinks of a short cut,
 goes around his parents thrice.
 Umayal hugs her son and gifts the mango.

At the moment Muruga flies in,
 Sees the mango in his brother’s hands,
 turns furious flies away in anger, finds 
an abode in the hills.