Mellifluous music 
flows from the sanctum,
Hema stays back. Intrigued
 she listens  to anandhabhairavi, 
anandha meaning joy

Shiva dressed in a red velvet jacket, 
a pure white silk dhoti  embellished 
with zari runs round his waist, 
 boards the palanquin
 another  ornate masterpiece

The Shivacharayas with hair tied in a knot, 
chant Om Namasivaya  take the row behind 
the musicians, who sport free hair.  
while the palanquin bearers, 
dark and rugged  with thick moustache 
cry samiyo as they place the palanquin  
on their shoulders,

The procession commences. Torch bearers 
walk beside, the fiery glow enhances the spirit.
Shiva looks glorious.  Melody inundates, 
ecstasy permeates  as if to juxtapose
 the Othuvars (vocalists) break the frenzy 
with a song  ” mannil nalla vannam valazham”
 interpreted as,

Live gracefully on earth,
think righteously,
spread happiness around,
as Shiva unites with his consort Umayal.