Holding the basket
close to her bosom,
Hema enters the temple,
the guard’s growl “Who is Shiva?”
storms in and out of her ears.

‘I am Linga” , a divine voice
echoes through the long corridors
reverberates from the sculpted
pillars , flows from the sanctum .
Hema, tries to locate the voice.

She runs to the Garpagriha .
Silence prevails, disappointed,Hema
turns to go ,”” Come here”
calls a voice. Puzzled,
she retreats to find none.

The linga as seen
represents the formless.
resembles an egg, a cosmic egg
denotes brahmananda , one of
an exuberance. an exaltation,

signifying Satya, Jnana, and Anantha
Truth, knowledge and infinity. Hema
sits down on the stone floor
feels a tingling, a pulling, the stone delivers
a drift, an intrusion from nowhere
makes her float, In a trance,

she perceives a figure beside the
sculpted pillar dancing with one foot up,
one foot planted on the ground, locks swing
in all directions as momentum gains, the right
hand makes the abhaya mudra gesture.
He is Shiva, declares Hema .