Remote Control

It is remote control that I do.
sitting hundred kilometers away
 I am building a house.

It is through seeing pictures 
as if in a slideshow, portions
 blink grim in the screen,

 I receive so many pictures 
in the course of the day sent 
by my supervisor.

I will be wrong if I blame him
as he  has no knowledge of construction
 nor he is an expert in photography.

The pixels  in his mobile camera
is minimum as such the sharpness 
is not remarkable.

He captures twelve in a row 
of the same object, caught in different 
angles. I make him do again and again.

I examine them, my critical eye 
at its best, mark the areas which 
are to be redone. Back they reach him.

It is tedious at times, as I am staying
at home to be safe, to make the workers 
understand  the rectification. 

I am taxing the supervisor and the workforce
to the maximum. Fear they would one day 
run off from my clutches.

Finishing lines need the finest touches
I am missing out on them, most 
unfortunate  times.