Throwing things off 
 has never been my forte
I keep them telling myself
 they will be use some day,
 So saying I have a truck load
of unwanted, unused articles
carefully kept in a room,
 called a treasure house
 by my sons.

Once in a way, I open
 get them out, dust them
 place them under the sun 
 for half a day. My helpers
 have been trained to do a perfect 
  job, Once done, the  things go back
 to their ordained places with a fresh look
in a retinue,

This has been going on for years
without a break, I, at times , feel
they have to be distributed, but
undergo a change of mind
decide to preserve them.
It is  finicky, I very well know.
 but, so to say,  I cannot outgrow 
 the significance they cast on me.
with a compulsion.