One son on the hills angered,
the other one on the lap, complacent
Shiva and Umayal
retire to their abode,
very much that of
in every home.

Having spent the days
like the mortals.
watching events,
going out
in their case in procession,
dancing with passion being
an entertainment, enjoying

seeing their children fight
unable to reconcile and make peace
just like any other human
Shiva and Umayal live life.

A predominant desire
every one of us have,

” Pullai, pudai, puluvai, maramaki”
reads Thiruvasakam,

the different births man undertakes,
grass, shrub, insect, tree,
animal, bird, snake,’
stone, human, devil,
monster, ascetic, angel,
almost all forms ,
waiting for the day
of merging with Almighty.