The earthen oil diyas 
scrubbed  clean, dried 
in the sun.  find their way
 to the porch.

The brass ones washed
 with tamarind, watch out 
in the sunlight march imperiously 
to the entrance. 

The  diyas are filled to the neck
 with illupa nei . wetting the wicks 
in the oil,  I light the diyas at the 
stroke of 6 in the evening.

The brass ones  are on the steps
 while the earthen diyas
 go to the  walls, gates, 
porch and backyard.

An annual affair, the legend goes
Shiva created Muruga from 
the flames of his third eye
to eliminate a demon Tanakasura.

The deepam shines through the hours
 emit a modest light illustrating the dharma 
 modesty directs  one to prosperity,
 lifts the soul to eternal peace.