Come Sundays, we rejoice,
food served during 
breakfast and lunch,
not much of dinner.

Would be sambar bath ,
with papad, plain rice
 with avial and chips.
payasam in the run. 
all too much to eat 
but we did till we 
licked our fingers dry.

With the retinue of chefs
 helpers,  who were excellent 
food technicians, the execution 
was perfect, one which I retrospect
with a fall back. Where have 
all of them gone? Has their tribe 
got extinct?

 with the maid 
 I am having. 
am able to prepare 
the very basic ones.
however much I teach her
 she makes a mess of the whole 
 turns them  insipid and taste.

Years of  rich gourmet 
have spoilt me, I crave
for the delicacies. which 
seem unattainable,