Rice To The Crow

A little rice for the crow
 every afternoon,
I caw high and low 
calling  them to partake.

They fly down 
 as soon as they hear me. 
 peck the rice along ‘with 
the veggies,

squirrels follow them,
 mynahs wait for their turn
 a banquet held in the corridor 
that conjoin the garden.

I stay a little away 
watching each one of them
 chattering gibberish,  crows 
clean up the mess and depart.

 The ritual is synonymous  
of the ancestors  participation
 in the daily events,  deemed 
as an acknowledgement by the progeny. 

Deriving strength from mythological 
allusions and beliefs I  keep going .
 on smoothened pastures and roughened 
 terrains with facility and felicity.