My Brother And I

With red jeans and pink shirt.
 a go go glasses .a pony tail 
dangling  I walk into the classroom 
of my elder brother with my mother.

He is not  a hardworking chap,
 lazy and takes life easy, his reports 
 speak of his achievements, mom 
is worried .

His class mates call out to me
while my brother shoves his face 
into his hands as if feeling shy 
to look at me,  

Mom departs in no good mood,
scowls at my brother, who hides
his face, then as mom hurries 
 pouts his lips,  makes faces at me

Back home. I ask him the reason
 for his behaviour,  He growls,
“your dress was a misfit, clownish
 you looked”. I break down, run to  mother.

Mom takes me in her arms,
 shouts at my brother, making him 
even more uncomfortable, 
as mother turns, he looks daggers.