My Poetry Book

These can happen to you and to me. I have written poems where you can hear my voice, sense my accent. The incidents that go unnoticed by most catch my attention. I lose myself and go as if in a reverie capturing them with feeling. coloring them with passion, making the ordinary look extraordinary. I try to use elegant and evolved vocabulary in my writings.
In this compilation stray far and wide. It is about a boat, then a kitten, including dinner, trace my life as a planter, become a mother, talk about the moon and the peacock, not leaving the topical allusions and social causes.
I present this collection to the readers and wait with agog to know their response.

Need reviews.!



Apprehension keeps me away 
from noise and celebrations,
that of the pandemic.

Needless to say I am a loner
finding pleasure from within
least from without.

Not one of a difference this period 
 corroborates with my self 
 otherwise, except the fear.

being in the interiors 
for the past six months 
without much interaction.

Rains fascinate, sunshine 
excites breeze comforts,
 not the least the garden

extends an accent. proposes 
a diction hitherto I failed  
to notice or comprehend.