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Love Changes All

It is a   very long  travel all the more,

Very far from home,

Too much different from home,

Bound by love and affection all the more.


Living  under the same roof,  all the way

Is nevertheless a strife  all through the day,

Looking  at each other all the time

Is an awesome bother most of the time.


It has been the way of life shortly,

Flying tempers  break the monotony,

Shaking the basics  of harmony,

Finally seeking shelter in shelves solitary.


It was drive  clouded with hesitation,

It was a  long  flight across to the destination,

The tired mind encountered a warm reception,

Endowing a resourceful inspiration

It was  pure affection and love,

Emanating from  a son beloved,

Brought up as a  precious jewel  all above 

Stands exposed to the vagaries of time in the strove 


Nudging close to me he learnt alphabets,

Lying on my lap he counted numbers  to a test

Numeric got their value in their  best,

Letters put together rocked  in their  crest.


He grew  in my shadow,

Letters pushed the numbers below,

Writing overtook counting in the flow

Creating a “Man Of Letters” in a full glow.


His writing took its wings,

Away he flew from me 

To places far beyond the shores in swings

Bringing laurels to him and pride to me all the more.


Rising up in stature  he remains fair,

His nest got enlarged  in  the  fare,   

A dedicated wife to take care ,

A  quick-witted daughter to  share.


Enjoyed every moment   of my sojourn,

An unknown place became known,

A biting cold took a bearable tone ,

Well! Love  gets enthroned  in an exclusive zone.


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Whispers are noisy too,

When everything  is still,

The rustling leaves do whisper,

As the wind blows in  a gentle fill,

The flowing streams do whisper,

As the water gushes in thrill,

The peeping Sun does whisper,

As the day dawns in shrill,

The bowing trees do whisper,

As the breeze blows in frill,

The dangling flowers do whisper,

As they dance to the melody in drill,

The little child does whisper,

As  it hears the lullaby  to a will,

Whispers do keep us bound,

As they go through all rounds.

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Child Like

Witness to children’s quarrel,

Saw them roll like a barrel,

Heard them shout  and cry,

For no reason why?

Pulling each others ‘hair,

Screwing one another’s’ ear

Bashing,slapping and hitting ,

It is nothing but violence.  

A few hours later,

Saw them in a close quarter,

Playing merrily in the garden,

Jumping across the fence laden,

With closed bars of iron,

Hugging each other with love,

Holding hands as friends,

Smiling ,joking and cheering,

It is nothing but affection.

I was a witness to that,

I am a witness to this,

 I know not what it is all about?

I assume it is child like.

Yes, Children teach us,

To be simple and true.