Kundrakudi, a sleepy town deep down South India,
wakes up to the call of the devotees,
reverberates with bhakthi during Karthigai
days between mid November and mid December.

Lord Muruga,   as he is familiarly addressed,
reigns supreme  atop the hills.
 Families go up the hills, climbing 200 steps
  to pray, do archanas conduct abhishekams,

The priests  do  by pouring milk, curd,  honey 
coconut water, fruit juices, water,  each one 
for reasons to appease God and secure 
the prescribed  benefits. 

Milk for health, curd  blesses one with healthy children, 
honey bestows  sweet voice and temper, coconut water 
wards off greediness, fruit juices extend contentment, 
while  plain water  purifies the soul.

Having accomplished the rituals 
they come  down, serve food  to the
andis  connoting to those who have 
renounced worldly desires, The lunch 
 commences with the invocation to Lord,

” Nama Parvathi bhaje hei,
hara hara Mahadeva”

It is how we live associating 
the self with the infinity, 
looking beyond the mundane, 
aiming to merge with the Supreme.

Annadhanam—Offering of food.


By meenas17

A lover of classical Carnatic music.
An avid reader, passionate writer, into stocks and investments for livelihood

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