Spring Arrives —————-4

Spring springs up in spring

jumps up like a spring

flows with ease like a spring

spring fills up the springs

springs are  beautiful in spring

it is spring that keeps us in spring.wcspringmissouri1

Haiku Poetry sing

Spring Arrives —————-3

It is Spring

greets one  with a ring

makes one sing.spring song

Grand. cuckoo Poetry spring

Spring Arrives—–2

Out there on the trees

the cuckoo cries

kuk, kuk, kuk in a cheer

a sound so familiar

it is an informer

nay an announcer

of the season that is on

the spring comes  with a fawn

a liveliness that is born

with an impetus in an  imperial form

relies on the fathomless  calm

found in Nature  in an abundance

failed to be utilised by Man with relevance

the mismanaged  executions go far  in astray

dumps the resources to the grave

emulates a dire consequence

indicates  an important reference

proclaims  subtly  at the  denouement

the unmindful  development

where arises the  unthoughtful  adjustments

lead to the complete annihilation of  movements

while the long associated seasons defer and differ

where drought and famine occur

with floods and Tsunami  take the toll

fire and storm across the poles

seal the fate of the earth to a drastic  mode

yet the earth survives all these with a smile

Alas! that is its  way and   accepted.code

Yes, Spring does arrive in time  more or less

less cherubic and  tamed in a bless

the grandeur is suppressed in a way

hope  the humility does not stay

as the intricacies and sophistication

synonym with Spring and its attractions

have left the season long before.spring