characteristics. equate Man Poetry

Flagged Off

As huge as an elephant

as ferocious as the lion

as swift as the tiger

as stealthy as the cat

as faithful as the dog

as soft as the cow

as fast as the horse

as foolish as the donkey

as mischievous as the monkey

as with and as all

the animals come on a call

equate we the qualities of man

with the characteristics of the animals

that have the one vital one

while man has many qualifications

a mixture of all in one

mostly they are chemical compounds

inseparablelion  ferocious and amalgamated

Well, man is an animal too

with a power of reason

at times secondary to animals

who come out in colours

with the particular sign flagged off.

devotion Enrichment fanatic Poetry

The Real Enrichment.

Happen to see in temples

happen to see them these days

happen to see them in quick succession

with piradosham, pournami and Thaipoosam

the gallons of milk  and curd

litres of honey and cane juice

pounds of abishekam rice and turmeric powders

all poured on the Deities

the overflow of these goes  out

through the drains in full flow

a measure to please the Lord

a method to appease Him

a follow up of devotion  in another form

the breaking of hundred thousand coconuts

all they say is an obeisance  to the Lord

all through the days of a genre  called auspicious ones

an illustration of their  piety enumerated in these rituals

a fervour fanatic and exaggerated  to the maximum

not I dissuade any from their beliefs

but  at the same time others  perceive

hundreds  of thousand children are without food

roam the streets begging  with salutations

and they sleep on the pavements

through rain and sun without shelter

could they be given a thought a little

the Gods would not resent or reprimand

best they would smile happily in their sanctum

feeling joyful as their children have found food.

This could be the real enrichment and exaltation


Like To Fondle You.

It is a little daisy

Which makes me crazy

She beckons me to come near

I talk to her in a voice clear

Come to me, you little one

We both together would have fun

I would hold you to my bosom

You look pretty awesome.

You make me go frenzy

My heart goes dizzy

Your tender petals are so soft

I want to carry you aloft.

Oh! The beautiful Daisy over there

You seem to be without care

Come to me as soon as you can

I wish to fondle you as much as I can.


music nadhaswaram Poetry Purohit. reward

That Day —-3 / February /1974

That be the day  years back

as I recollect in a track

a boy just over twenty-one  years

and a girl not even  twenty years

both so young and pristine  in beauty

stand there with a smile

the eyes reflect a fear  and  tremble

perhaps it looks like a preamble

to the experiences, they have to encounter

as  they stand before a crowd of thousands

on the early hours of the morning

fully decked up with jewellery and silk

ready to tie the knot and bear the yolk

as the minutes draw to a close

the music from the piped instrument

nadhasawaram as it is called in this part

starts with a subdued note then raises to the pitch

while the percussionists the players of Thavil

strike the chord with enormous beats

the Purohit chants the mantra in earnest

as the boy ties the thali round the girl’s neck all honest

with that they become man  and wife  to the world

the happening being some forty-one years back

that be the day 3/ February/1974  a long way back

while the boy and girl have become old  man and woman

well into their sixties  still active and cherubic  in demeanor

proud parents of three lovely sons well into their thirties

blessed with a host of grandchildren  all  smart and lovely

Well, that   much and more  they have earned

nothing short of awards  and trophies

nothing less than fame and money

find that life  well lived  is its nadhaswaram own reward.