Poetry scenery style

Up The Hill

It was a slow walk

with nobody to talk

went up the hill

where  it was still

sauntered there for a while

amazed at the style

royal and imperious

beautiful and gorgeous

the scenery around

the calmness found

compelled me to stay

it would have made me gay

but I had to go down

to the lowly ground

where I live not alone

with a family in town.

who would wait for my return

my disappearance sudden

would put them in turmoil

with that all hills  would be spoilt.

essence. Poetry

The Essence Of Belong

The sense of belong

comes naturally

anything compulsive is wrong

as it an artificiality.

The belong is a feature

inborn and in depth

it is never a caricature

with length and breadth.

The thought of belonging

brings a  proximity

evolving a  choice grouping

never  attempting belongan ambiguity.

The attachments  are warm

portray a bond strong

elicit a kinship in form

that be the essence of belong

misfortune Poetry sweep.

To The Door.

Is it a grudge? anyway

know not why

they scream and fume

and spell a gloom.

Is it jealousy? anyway

know not for what

they boil and blast

and cast  a doom.

Is it greed? anyway

well that could be

they amass and hoard

a treasure for their progeny.

Well, the way they go about

seem to be steady and straight

there could be a  havoc

a steal of the deposits.

Nothing could be  predicted

like the wind, rain and snow

a clean sweep would bring

misfortune to the