Humpty Poetry Wonder.

Humpty Dumpty Together Again

Erratic it is everywhere

the weather is  so

floods inundate

snowy blizzards overtake

drought dampens

winds overwhelm

that be for nature.

Come past by the countries

planes disappear for long

innocent school children killed

men  held hostage in a cafe

passerby falls a prey to a bomb

a toddler guns  down his parents

what could be more hazardous?

Where does the world go?

Does it go North or South?

Why such gruesome deeds happen?

what makes nature behave so bad?

I question, you interrogate

we introspect  and end up

with Humpty Dumpty’Humpty Dumpty

All the kings men could not put

Humpty Dumpty together again

fear Poetry terrible ugly world

Why Does The Newborn cry?

The baby cries

soon as it is born

perhaps it is a dawn

the peace is gone

nine months inside  the womb

cosy and comfortable

now into the world of gloom

ugly and terrible

the rotation of the  baby

on her own axis

made her smile like a Barbie

the doll in practise

a lovely one fashionable

now into the world of reality

she has to turn reasonable

as the people around are guilty

hurl stones at each other

throw looks of spite and jealousy\

easily inflict on one another

though with a semblance  of ingenuity

that be the world the baby has to face

that be the place where she has to live

has to negotiate with the nuances in a chase

lest  she would not be able to thrive.

Newborn  criesbarbie

Anger blame deceit Poetry shift turn

Turn The Table.

Turn the table

a categorical expression

means a lot  if thought  intense.

Table is turned

a convenience literally

the space and the wish matters.

Table is turned

a convenience in a way

shift the blame and game with ease.

Turn the table

with a bang strong

you win though in a wrong.

Turn the table

with a tact smart

again you win the game subtly.

Turn the table

with deceit and anger

you might win the game thereto.

Turning  the table

holds you not for long

as your treachery surfaces slowly.

A moral we learn

a literal turn is yours,flipping_all_the_tables_by_nekoshiba-d570fy2 no issue

a planned turn lets you down.