galore. Poetry seasons

The Seasons – A Slideshow.

The fall is  the  autumn  season

leaves fall without any reason

the trees look  bare almost

with only twigs in most

it is colourful in a way

when the trees turn shy

blushing  with leaves orange

then yellowish in a range

could hear a rustle empty

as the leaves fall in twenty

it is an inevitable transform

as it happens in a yearly form

the seasons come and go

with their characteristics  in flow

come winter there is snow

and summer beckons a glow

the spring essentially claims the lustre seasons

the year  thus declares a galore

Haiku ordinary Poetry

Bundle of Joy

A lively bundle

not an ordinary wrapped bundle of joy bundle

bundle of joy

animals birds chirp Poetry soul.

Ride Up the Hill

On to the hills

a journey with a fill

inhaling the fresh air

seeing trees rare

an upward move

a delightful prove

a luxury in all

a wonder in call

the density of trees

the humming of bees

the chirp of the birds

very minutely heard

the grunt of the animals

the movements in a ramble

nourish the nerves

assuage the curves

of the mind and muscle

there could find no tussle

it is an energizer  natural

different from the unnatural

advertised  by teams different

called as energy drinks and its variant

the fresh air enters the lungs

makes it perform with a  plunge

a ride up the beautiful hill

enlightens the soul with a  saturated ride up the hillfill.