burnt.all fire Poetry possibility.

The Fire Burnt All

The fire raged high

went up to the sky

the redness was bright

created a fright

it became night

the fire rose higher

it never got tired

it stood there for long

burnt  all in a wrong

that which was beautiful

turned ugly in a minute

great is the possibility

greater is the impossibility

greatest is the impetuosity

as it relates to

Haiku Poetry

Right, Rite And Write

Take the right

follow the sacred rites

much to write rites

city old. Poetry

My City –Madurai

Born in an  ancient city

makes me tall and gritty

know not how long it is there

its loveliness is beyond share

old it is on all sides

roads narrow and not wide

houses  are  very close

well laid and  in rows

people are simple and friendly

very traditional not trendy

called as a big village

as it does not cause a  mad rage

has all the facilities in  abundance

it holds a lot of references

a city of great  fame

a  place with many names

the ancient city of mine is Madurai

an old Meenakshicity of temples