ghostly indulgence. infraction Poetry pressure

The Anger With A Pang

It is anger that kills you

 the fury and temper

 with a vigour devours you

attacks  in  a bunch altogether

clad the robes of pressure and infraction

undress and expose your real skin

the make dos seal you to a traction

you turn a fish without a fin

the pangs  of temper dismantle your  covetous

the devastation expresses a distraughtness

the angst  distracts the  attention from the focus

 as could be seen only in a ghostly indulgence


fragment Poetry recognition. reward

A Big Thanks

It is an award

the best reward

I keep it in record

it is to my accord

I thank the Poets

who extended it in quiet?

I am too small  a fragment

Week 80 the perfect poet award tiny pebble  in the basement

write what I know

mostly in a flow

and especially this award  coveted

tells me how my poems are interpreted

a big thanks to all of you

nag Poetry prolomg

My Silly Song

The restlessness is there for long

why does it nag  so long?

Know not how long?

visualise it to be very long

guess it would prolong

may be to a furlong

would  take me along

with not too pleasant tong song

it is nothing wrong

as the clock chimes ding dong

it is a reminder of the gong

a bell that holds you like a tong

as you negotiate through the throng

does it sound silly, my song?