father goad mother Poetry

The Way I was Brought UP

hanna-parents-5The way I was brought up

in grace and comfort all in ups

yet with a discipline untold

never was allowed to fold

learnt the lessons of life either wise

both hard and easy  in tries

a mother always firm and watchful

a father mostly busy but wonderful

in a surround genial and generous

guests hopped and flocked most times

food served with warmth all times

did nothing  of the household chores

yet observed them with a force

directions came from mom then and there

earned distinctions and prizes fair

excelled in music and dance all the more

never was allowed to come to the fore

a restriction on socializing was implemented

a freedom on activities special got supplemented

with in-house tutors and books to assist

read with interest not once desisted

altogether was fondled and shaped with  caution

Did I rise up to  my mom’s expectation?

She  goaded me to do more and more

and wanted me to  reach the galore.

That much I know of my mother’s wish

know not whether I  attained the status.

Monotony Poetry scenario

The Fall of leaves And Snow.

The leaves fall in autumn

makes the trees bare.

The snow falls in winter

makes one stare.

The rustle of leaves

and the spread they do

the  sheet of ice

and the wonderful scenario

give a  natural sequence

one that of a  yellowish attire

spreads charm and warmth.

Pure with a delinquency

seems the whitish  fleece

remember the land  has a choice

its  facelifts with a tweeze

knows that monotony is drab

only  colour adds to the glow leaves

this quality renders a love

yellow that of a pleasure

while white lends a purity

that be so with  the  earth  not alone

stretches to all elements in a tone.

camera highway. Poetry

Speed And Summon

Speeding fast the highway

the cars go through  all the way

with a brisk and with a fast remit

mindless of the prescribed limit

the cameras set on points

capture the speeders at all joints

be it in corners,,turns, morning  or night

put them in a situation tight

not all at once  as they  are bound

at an interval of few days in the round

charge them a hefty sum

the drivers pay the  fee handsome

speed past the highway as usual

they take the summon casual speed limit