measure Poetry pressure radiance . sugar -coated taste words

A Defence Without Offence

The craving as it is

anything sugary  in a wish

one of taste mostly

and of words certainly

call me at times needed

the pastries sugar coated

delights one and all in total

lip-smacking they are

most savoury they are

gives a quaint feel in  all

as the lips touch each other

the longing concludes as ever

with a joy and favour .

The accounts of words  pleasant

emanate a sense  credibly decent

as they flow with an ease

not indicative of a tease

coax and cajole with a touch

release a relax as such

kindles the spirit with grace

inspires the mind  with a blaze

the value of sugar is immense

the white granules   make one tense

say many with a proof  of  pressure variance

anything taken  in a measure lends radiance

that go with the sugar too in all  sequence.sugar- coated

achieve cherish easy late. Poetry

A Cherished Deal

the good is easy

the bad is uneasy

life contains both

essential to growth

as good grows

they come in rows

bad waters down

they commit a frown

except, not the best always

there is a case

where the good suffers

the bad prospers

this could be not real

it is only a  trial

the finality differs

the good is preferred

picks up the colour rose

the bad loses its hue

turns pale and leaves no clue

good achieves greatness late

bad grabs fame  not late

a sermon  this  would seem

I do it with a beam

as I undergo such  ordeal

never snatched a good deal

never claimed a bad one too

wait I eagerly for  a cherish.cherished deal

abstract flirt insinuation Poetry romance sublime.

Romance —— An Insight.

The emotion  invariably rules us

be that of love and romance in plus

if the insinuations  stand the test of time

the capabilities are adjudged as true

the transitory could be an infatuation.romance

Romance is abstract

as that of pain and joy in track

the body experiences these

while the mind undergoes a cease

there blossoms an exalted  fervour.

Romance is a flirt

the immediate draw is a divert

fundamentally  on features  physical

could evolve a reaction chemical

could  relate to trends diabolical.

Romance is an exhilaration

could be out of devotion  or dedication

piety in a way is a romance

ethereal love is also a romance

these range in a region sublime.