bump jump nonsense. Poetry rhythm spring

Modern By Chance.

The dance I see

keeps me at sea

it is a diffidence

a  complete deviance

where traditions

have no introductions

rhythm breaks with hiccups

expression not in up

it is a dance yet

I go for a bet

it is a jump

exactly a bump

a spring above

a fall down

that is a dance

most modern  by chance

makes me fall into a trance.

not  in the right sense

as it seems to miss the cadence modern dance

beat Haiku irregular Poetry treat.

The Storm

The storm strikes

with the most irregular beat

a harsh treat.storm

culture deceit greed languages. Poetry

That Being A Strange Land.

That being islanda strange land

where there are many bands

with people of varied culture

having distinctive features

speak not one but seven hundred  tongue

they be the languages in a flung

customs almost same in respects

perceptions differ in aspects

unity is  seldom found

the island reverberates with the sound

a fight here and quarrel there

marks with an evil  stare

dislodge the one from his post

push him to the end of the coast

has been the way of the islanders

as such no progress is seen in a stretch

a reprimand and  discipline could wrench

the people from their quench

being a thirst of greed and  deceit.