Discrimination Poetry

Not The Colour.

The colour white has a pride

while black is a deride

this be found in the race

the whites have the prominent place

the blacks are  shown  the back seat

with that the whites  are upbeat

with a thought they are superior

walk with their  eyes on the sky

never do they bend even try

cast a scorn on other colours

includes yellow, brown  together

they condemn the black

and keep them out of track

snort at the other coloured

in a sort of a vision blurred

refuse to see the reality

with a high-handedness  in totality

that be their rule and reason always

mostly they degrade others in  every way.

I expect a tirade against me in a short while

as my friends  would not approve my style

not that of the writing as it is obviously correct

but that of my thoughts  in a direct.white privilege

obvious Poetry real virtual

The Obvious and The Virtual

The raging fire

is a big liar

mean not the real  one

but that in a subtle tone

think a little while

would come to know in style

it is the burn in the heart

both caught and bought

it burns and burns

it churns and churns

never does it  escapes through

not does it activates true

it is continuous  in a strain

limits itself not in vain

as it flares up with animosity

gathers too much velocity

ranges on a scale too high

goes up and down with a sigh

the vindictiveness bursts off

crosses through  with a tip off

strikes with a venom great

that is the  known  fate

which topples all in a speed

shatters all castes and creed

a diffidence with a deviation

an inference with an instruction

that fire is a lesser evil than the other

from the heart with all its fretterfire  virtual