ease. fallacy Poetry tease

The Stick -Ons

The fallacy around

keeps us in-bound

bear it with a frown.

The society dictates

it also initiates

try not to deviate.

The community fetters

it might also shatter

hope it is not a threat.

The relationship quips

it would also peep

let not it limp.

The world laughs  with a tease

likely to guffaw with an ease

certainly  not a stick-ons-1please.

That way the man has to live

with a strange believe

Is it for a relieve?

equanimity misconstrued Poetry rejection


My attempts get misconstrued

done with a whole heart

they go with a smile without intrude

as they  fly with a positive start

they  describe a long  face and displeasure

if they meet with a rejection and  a dislike.

Causes  entertain fissures  unseen

a break or a snap would  possibly  strike

acceptance  with equanimity is never seen

instead, accusations rise to the top

I blink and look around for support

knowing never will I  be backed up

it is not once or twice I go through this report

many a time I have experienced   this  back out

yet I extend my service to all throughout.attempt

angels dainty human Poetry Truth.

The Good Old Days.

it is been long ago

at a time when I was little

when people did not talk about ego

strong they were not brittle

Self-contained they were

ambitious to  a degree normal

took very great care

remained friendly and formal

could find no vanity

not even a slight trace

held them in a way dainty

gossiped they with no chase

spoke not ill of others

genial and  cordial to all

moved like own brothers

responded to each other’s call

they were angels in human form

always gentle and calm good old days

elf emptiness mental Poetry real

Lose Oneself

I sit with no thoughts

this happens by all sorts

a vacuum in the mind

nothing in a kind lose oneself

I search all the way

nothing strikes me today

I see around me

nothing to  hold me in glee

I espy with an emptiness

unable to detect any sense

I sit there for long

away from the throng

with eyes wide open

focused, not on any token

that way I go into myself

hop and jump like an elf

not in the real front

but in my mental affront.