cheat confession. Poetry siblings

A Confession Unexpected.

Is_7_vc7_h4-text-img-text_vc7_h4-text-img-text-03_0_vc7_img-01t is a confession more or less

it is a swear on God nevertheless

says a brother to others around

has not  cheated  his sibling in  any round.

Does it not sound meek or  a tone down?

I deliberate with a frown.

Why this change of mind so sudden?

is it a the release of the burden?

As I go with such thoughts

remember how they fought

not so much in the younger days

much in their fifties in continuous  stays

not face to face as you would assume

in courts  beyond any presume

day after day, month after month

their lawyers argued  in full mouth

with the compromise arrived

a consent order derived

nothing still executed  for long

comes these words   not very strong

a swear on the almighty

with no real faith entirely.

casual change Poetry ritual worship.


Prayers  change for the better

pray with  a full heart

an attempt with half heart

would turn bitter.

Pray for you not alone

think of others known or unknown

let not your mind be blown

with thoughts of your own.

Worship is an exercise

best be in solitude

the new found franchise

diffuses the amplitude.

Most  talk about the rituals

ignorant of the factual

impose in a manner casual

end up in chaos eventual.prayers