decipher Poetry resolve unfound.

Up In The Sky

I look up at the sky

see an object  fly

it goes  in a line

very much in a straight line

the line continues

is pure white in hue

I set my eyes on the line

follow it to the quickest  fine

Could it be a heavenly object?

my analytical mind rejects

Could it be a bird?

never it is heard

Could it be a plane

does  it lookline in the sky so plain?

the line goes on and on

as if  a demarcation is  shown

without any resolve

i bend my neck down to solve

the issues on the ground

not wishing to decipher the unfound.

gracious Poetry

Gracious Unto Thou And To Thy Child!

The toddler is pampered

as her mother goes wayward

not otherwise but in her deal with a child

feeds her child now and then as often

goes round her with a spoonful

coaxes her to partake the entire

dances before as a cajole

fills the little one’s mouth in a jowl

the toddler knows now  the tricks

she plays truantly with a flow

hides herself in one place

naughty she turns  all at once

the mother becomes extensively scary

the girl goes topsy   in a second

while the mother turns crazy

the melodrama continues for days and years

let not the  years spoil the child

as she has to grow into a responsible adult in the go

the way you bring up your child

matters the most in her later life

discipline and  liberty are to be shown

not the one more than the other

proportion the two in a measure

let the combination be  balanced

as the more of one would ruin the child

or be that a less of one

could also destroy the nature of the child

care to be deployed with poise

the child would then blossom with grace

Gracious Unto thou and to thy mother-and-child-against-a-green-background-mary-cassattchild.

blessed desperate Poetry skate. Wish

To See Snow.

I like to see the snow

and espy its vastness

white it lies  all around

fluffy it looks in the course

enchanting it is to me

as I find in  the pictures

fascinating it could be

if I see them in real.

The snow is cold  and pure

a skate  through the smooth layers

would be a refreshing glide in a slide

a whisk and a whizz through the snow

could be an experience in itself

as a child wanted to make snowballs

the wish is unfulfilled till this time

Would I see snow before I die?

Desperate I am to experience the snow fall

Know not why I have this sensitive call?

Snow, its whiteness holds me spellbound

its softness makes me wonder

this sheet of ice could be so marvellous

fortunate are those who live in snowclad mountains

deem myself to be blessed less from the rest

as I live away, far away from the lovely snow.snow clad mountains

accounting Poetry wary

Books Open And Shut

ledgerThe books are opened and closed

know not for what and why it happens

could it be an attempt forced

as that of a boy made to do so

reluctant he is  to open

feels better sooner he shuts.

Could it be an accounts  book?

The partners are wary to open

with the accounting all crook

eager to hide and  shut

many more possibilities  could be there

these are but a few that come to mind

being possible chances all so ever.