Poetry veneration

Honour English!

English, a language

spoken in a stage

with the British accent

and the American diction

all confuse the Asians

who go by the British spellings

write colour with a “u ”

while the Americans omit the “u ”

the realisation  could have

both “s” and “z” in U.K

while the Americans go with only “z.”

there  be not only these

hundreds of differences

come with a force  and aplomb

Yet the rolling of the tongue

and the emphasis on certain letters

give  English a universal fervour

again the culprit “u” crosses

that way the language goes about

grows not less but more

with the acceptance of all words

from all  languages  across the world

a collection of words all through

making it the most populous one

Oh! let us acclaim English

Let us salute the language

give a big boo to it,”boo,salute

. with a veneration and honour.

high Poetry sigh. sty

The Sty.

It is a sty

 which lies sly

on the eyelids high

 makes one cry

as it accrues  shy

the eyes  plead a die

while the pebble-like sty

burps and bursts in a try

with that the eye closes in a sigh.


deride Haiku Poetry ride tirade

The Wordy Flow And Blow

The words flow

releasing an uninterrupted deadly tirade

strike a blow.

The forceful blow

is baseless and unrealistic  deride

arrests the flow.

The unmindful  flow

turns  into shameless distinct  ride

a meaningless blow.artofdestruction_featured

enjoyment perspective pet Poetry theme

Pet Concept.

Nature and love

flowers and birds

are often sung by poets

being the most emotional

is  a love of man and woman

with a joy and pain

along with competition

all sung by the poet

either in rhyme or free verse

absolutely emotion-laden

calling the   flowers that bloom

and the birds that cry lovelorn

sketching out a picture frame

with words impregnate with  lust

that do embarrass the sensitive

set a mood of pining and longinglove

insinuates and induces the same feel

well, that could be a perspective

and a theme of great enjoyment

which most love to read and experience

though not literally in a way

greatly while perusing through

as the love is the pet concept of all posts

and  an endearing theme of all readers.