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I Write With Fear.

I write with a fear

a fear that  builds  up

as I get near

near to publishing

I publish with the same fear

a fear that keeps nagging

Once published I fear

a fear that makes me not sleep

Well, the response  causes a fear

a fear that I should not be condemned

So many fears surround me

while I start to write

not enough still to restrict

me from writing till.write without fear.

dilemma. ignore. Poetry

This And That.

Could it be this?

could it be that?

held me in forte.

it could be this.

it could be that

folded me in a throttle.

it is this

it is not that

prepared me for the worst.

This and that

that and this

kept me awake for long.

This or that

that or this

ignored passes off as it comes.this or that

Poetry solar energy

The Solar Energy Derived By Womenfolk

The sun rises high  nowadays

the households get busy each day

small balls of finely chopped onions

look like red shining minions

when sauteed with salt, chilly and dhal

laid in neat sheets under the sun

a preparation for the year

followed by rice wafers white and  clear

the indigo brinjal slices come up

with yellow mango slices  joyous to sup

many more delicacies get done

the processes are in a way fun

in  practice  makes use of solar energy

long back consumed by our womenfolk in synergymango slices

fair Poetry salted value

The Gooseberry

An episode I recollect

makes me both happy and sad

it is one of my childhood  in fact

about  the gooseberry both good and bad .

Gooseberries bloom in December

relished by  all, old and young

the salted ones take the cue of amber

while being delicious  makes one strong

Gooseberries are  a storage of resources

replenish vitamins and iron profuse

the small round fruit is silky, not coarse

hard for anyone to refuse.

Gooseberries represent a quality  less

not too enjoyable  as the one  physical

referred to a muff and the brainless

know not how this came into being.

That day in school long years ago

a friend of mine broke down all too sudden

as a reference had hurt  her ego

interrogated her  to know the reason.

After a time, she came out

in between her sobs said with a whimper

she is a gooseberry all throughout

as to her dearest pal’s quote

Gooseberries that command merit

play this role in the abstract fare

there are two sided to the coin  of credit

one isfresh-indian-gooseberry-867055 fair other turns bare.