Haiku Poetry

The Truth

The truth sustains

never will it see death

lives through truth Haiku forever

die mother Poetry poverty.

Seeks Alms

There is no food for the child

no clothes  enough for the child

stands bare bodied the little child

the hair lies dishevelled on the child

the eyes send a pain from the child

the thin  hands of the  poor child

hesitantly comes forward in steps  mild

extends her hand slowly to the passersby, poor child

pierces the heart with a stab though in a hide

then the girl  carrying a child

knocks at the car windows  for a while

those in the car drive her wild

wipes her tears with no  shy

walks back to make  another try

her mother is about to die

poor girl, she could not muster a pie.child begs

create destruct Gods Miracle miracle. Poetry

The Greek And Hindus

There are numerous Gods

in the Greek and Hinduism cards

schedule one to create

another to destruct.

wonder  Gods destruct.

Found in both cultures

as they do nurture

a quaint abstraction

more or less a distraction

similaritiesinclined towards a reverberation.

Shiva in Hindu cult destroys

ignites his third eye  in a choice

Perseus grabs Medusa’s  head

rescues Andromeda

both versions excite  instead.

Countless other Gods they allow

one each, for the wind, the sea and love

chivalry, knowledge, diligence

call for deities in reference

Could be a sign of indulgence?

Zeus and Zephyr to name a few

Vishnu and Krishna take the cue

exalted and enhanced by glamour

along with the shield and armour

enliven themselves with their paramours.

Rituals and festivals abound

accompanied by deafening sound

the upbeat feel is absolute

the unshaken trust  turns resolute

enough to provoke an immolate.

Beliefs and virtues so dear

inculcate a thought of fear

to instil a discipline severe

shapes and figures were engineered

idolatry came to be revered.

Mythology has become a religion  in play

myths are now scriptures  in stay

Gods are in increase all through

penances are ascribed not in few

similarities keep us in blue.

Greek and Hinduism are ancient

their celebrations are fluorescent

talk about miracles in length  all-time

yet the two profess a strength fine

a marvel they are  with shine.