die mother Poetry poverty.

Seeks Alms

The scene hurts.

There is no food for the child

no clothes  enough for the child

stands bare bodied the little child

the hair lies dishevelled on the child

the eyes send a pain from the child

the thin  hands of the  poor child

hesitantly comes forward in steps  mild

extends her hand slowly to the passersby, poor child

pierces the heart with a stab though in a hide

then the girl  carrying a child

knocks at the car windows  for a while

those in the car drive her wild

wipes her tears with no  shy

walks back to make  another try

her mother is about to die

poor girl, she could not muster a pie.child begs

By meenas17

A lover of classical Carnatic music.
An avid reader, passionate writer, into stocks and investments for livelihood

6 replies on “Seeks Alms”

I am pained most when I see the children beg. The government misses all these important issues.
It is only the citizens who should undertake to eradicate poverty.
Thanks, Sunny.

Mam let me tell you honestly when i was getting young i had pain, i had helped with my coins which was all i can do those times but with times my emotions changed, sympathy changed in anger, they are same but i changed…dont know how but know i feel anger for them and mind has convinced poor heart that m not responsible. Its shame but its fact, i failed to change them, cant help these many beggars of all agr everywhere so i changed myself and i think it happened with most.

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