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The Real Enrichment.

A thought that would provoke many Hindus.

Happen to see in temples

happen to see them these days

happen to see them in quick succession

with piradosham, pournami and Thaipoosam

the gallons of milk  and curd

litres of honey and cane juice

pounds of abishekam rice and turmeric powders

all poured on the Deities

the overflow of these goes  out

through the drains in full flow

a measure to please the Lord

a method to appease Him

a follow up of devotion  in another form

the breaking of hundred thousand coconuts

all they say is an obeisance  to the Lord

all through the days of a genre  called auspicious ones

an illustration of their  piety enumerated in these rituals

a fervour fanatic and exaggerated  to the maximum

not I dissuade any from their beliefs

but  at the same time others  perceive

hundreds  of thousand children are without food

roam the streets begging  with salutations

and they sleep on the pavements

through rain and sun without shelter

could they be given a thought a little

the Gods would not resent or reprimand

best they would smile happily in their sanctum

feeling joyful as their children have found food.

This could be the real enrichment and exaltation


By meenas17

A lover of classical Carnatic music.
An avid reader, passionate writer, into stocks and investments for livelihood

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