Considering A Mishap

A mishap on the way

intercepts with a force

call it I a mishap

could be so as it is terrific

want to avert it badly

get caught into it ambiguously

I am baffled all the same

a let out is in the frame

I am in a dilemma now and then

like to tackle with deft at times

wish to let it go most times

could be a bonanza if I handle with knack

would turn a disaster if I play bad

ashamed of myself at this juncture

umishapnable to resolve at this age.




It So Happens.

It so happens  in a day

that which should not happens

that which should happens not

could be a very  different play

being one that has to depend

one on the other in a start

an anticipation goes on in a way

a disappointment rises up in a stay

well, that is how it happens

not only to me but to all.Just So Happens




A sensitive Plot.

It  is a plot sensitive
 I do not know
I never take anything offensive
 I believe it as how
 trapped in without being defensive
 am  lethargically slow
 into it without being apprehensive
 receive a harsh blow.
I am now  insensitive
 my heart has stopped the flow
it is an agony excessive
my mind bows low.



The Flight Up And Down

The flight up and down

being on the same day

could cause a frown

exhaustive in a way

I wonder for a while

yes, could be says my friend

impresses me with her style

saying that the trend

has to report an hour before

baggage drop and check in

being seated for hours together

with little leg space  in

a position so stiff and firm

could dampen your spirit

as you sit tight  and grim

awaiting the aircraft to land

a return on the same day

would make you not withstand

the strain being that as elsewhere4911bc17517a4ad28148195c7d3c7a4e










Motoring Through

Motoring through the meandering road

landed on a rugged slot

the way being not narrow but broad

managed to reach the plot

being one of not small but medium

I negotiated through the drive

not one of being much of a tedium

the motoring could not be more live

each turn was specific in a sharp

one not being anyway easy

went ahead in a way like a hop

with the wind being very breezy

could not feel the exhaustion as usual

accomplished the travel in a casual

great and significant like a ritual

a drive could not be more memorable

as my driving is all the more reliable.motoring.jpg





A Ban Unsolicited

Countries ban Christmas celebrations

one religion being against another

seems like a child’s quarrel with an innovation

blame one after a long time rather

religion is one’s faith and belief

interfere not in the individual’s life

let he have his own relief

the rejoice and enjoyment is his own strife

prohibiting him from this basic rights

seems to be a denial forthright.countries ban christmas


Absolutely Ongoing.

It is a day of outing

absolutely ongoing

from dawn to dusk

prompts a sulk

a way to sit straight

a plan to look left and right

a process stiffly a bore

could be the core

for many a one in the genre

not me in the usual  wander

a sit up and a lie down

be the way of my own

dream and a brood in a fancy

would  cheer me up with a fantasy

that be my enchantment for the day

so I wish to a_grand_day_out at ease in a stay






The Proportions.

The proportion in a strike

could prompt a like

be it in a feature  almost

should be in a figure utmost

found in an article as such

exceptionally in a novel as much

seen in a portrait all the more

expressed in a sculpture even more

the exactness always counts

the precision  is an account

likened in a speech although

a semblance in a teach even though

noticed in buildings and their structure

a stuck out from the architecture taj-mahal

well that could be of a narration

where there are great proportions

being one of great and small

in accordance to those tall

in regard to those of whom are short

goes the ratios with a lot.


A call I Make.

It is a call I make

a call I take

a call I fake

a call for the sake

calls without a break

keep me in a stake

promote a shake

fathomless  it is

inquisitive it appears

curious it stays

let it be of any magnitude

sholud 670px-Make-a-FaceTime-Call-on-an-iPad-Step-1-Version-5.jpg be serene in attitude



Blog For A Pen.


Could I blog for a pen?

well, that could be when?

I am not timid like a hen

nor  do I live in a den

am I talking irrationally?

I do occasionally

never be surprised in a folly

being my real self intrinsically

I  am a sensitive person

so I do not speak reason

jump over every treason

like a  very wild bison

it be not in  a season

it is my being  all through

hate who speak words untrue.