certain certainity play. Poetry

Certain –A Play On The Word.

Certain ideas are good

certain hours are pleasant.

Certain days are lovely.

Certain images are wonderful.

The certain could be less or more

usually  does not denote a more

Certain  could  also mean definite

at times could point to an infinite.

Certain plays a role in a way

could be for better or worse in ways

Certainly I would for certain

proceed in a  direction certain.

So much for certain

as it is in a way certain

great to be certain

greater to turn certain.AbsoluteCertainty__69751

NO Poetry

Say No.

The general impression

goes the talk  a little while ago

all are but impressions

why want to talk with an ego?

to the pint come straight I

we will no longer wait I

the crowd grew impatient I

as the confederation lead to a deviant I

it was a beat around a bush for the sake

no tangible effort on the take

it was a round about way to say  no

could have come with a direct hit and say no

they are too  much  in a dilemma

know not how to say “No”say-no.